NASA Placement


Apply today for the 2019 opportunity

Please note this opportunity is currently only open to UCL Final Year Medical Students.

Calling all final year medical students! UCL & CASE have teamed up with the University of Texas and NASA to bring you an amazing opportunity.

For the fifth year we've managed to reserve a spot on the prestigious Principles of Space and Aviation Medicine course run at UTMB and NASA. This month long course fits in nicely in between you finishing your degree and starting your F1 job. It is NOT an official elective. It is a truly amazing opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience for anyone interested in space medicine, which as you may know is now an approved GMC speciality.

What will you do:
You'll spend a whole month in Houston learning the cutting edge of space medicine from astronauts, space medics and the top researchers in the world. You'll get unprecedented access to NASA's Johnson Space centre and take part in several astronaut testing programmes, including hypo- & hyperbaric chambers, in flight countermeasures and the neutral buoyancy lab. You'll meet a class of like-minded doctors, potentially future colleagues and guaranteed global friends.

The course is a month of intensive lectures with several away days.

What we would expect of you:
Mainly, to enjoy it! But we'd also need you to take notes and update us on the breakthroughs in space medicine (you'll know before we do!). We'd also like you to take plenty of pictures, send some tweets and write a couple of reports on your return. If we've inspired you to pursue space medicine, then there'll be plenty of opportunities with us in the coming years too.

From the 24 June - 19 July

You are required to attend the full duration of the course. You will miss graduation, though you can defer it a year.

The course itself costs $500.

Then you'll have to add on accommodation for a month and flights to Houston.

We are trying hard to get sponsorship for some or all of this but at this stage we can't rely on it. You'll need to be able to cover those costs yourself. We'll let you know if the situation changes.

In the meantime, you may want to consider applying for the Gregory G. Shaskan MD Aerospace Medicine Education Scholarship which will help to cover some of your fees. Download the application form here

 Shaskan Scholarship Application_2019 (1).pdf (182 KB)

How to apply:
Please fill in the attached application form found here

 UCL NASA UTMB application 2019.docx (26 KB)

Please send all applications to Dr Daniel Grant

All applications will be discussed by an impartial panel and the successful candidate will then be informed.

The deadline for application is 19 April 2019

Please note this opportunity is currently only open to UCL Final Year Medical Students.