One of the other things that CASE Medicine has done over the years is run a series of conferences annually called KnO₂wledge . These are a very similar theme to the whole CASE ethos, some of them are themed towards altitude, or space, or heat, or cold, or some of them are a mix of all five themes.

The basic premise of the KnO₂wledge conferences has always been to:

Explore extreme environment physiology to learn lessons that can be brought back to benefit patients: the underlying premise is that “lessons from life at the limits” - physiology stretched to breaking point in extreme environments - will inform our understanding of human physiology challenged by critical illness

KnO₂wledge 5 was probably one of the largest and most successful of the KnO₂wledge conferences, which was held after Xtreme Everest came back from Everest in 2007. The team managed to gather together some of the finest physiological minds in the world;

  • Paolo Ceritelli
  • Jim Milledge
  • John West
  • John Nunn
  • John Severinghaus

KnO₂wledge 7 took place in Nepal for the Nepalese scientific community, and in 2017 when Xtreme Everest return to Nepal and Base Camp, there are plans for another conference. we intend to set up another Knowledge conference to share with the Nepalese scientists and doctors to share what they have learnt in the last 10 years of coming over to their country, testing one another.

KnO₂wledge 9 is taking place this year on the 19 November at the ISEH in central London and will focus on Space Medicine.

KnO₂wledge 10 will be a very special occasion as we not only celebrate our 10th conference but also 10 years since the Xtreme Everest team summited Mount Everest. This conference is being run in conjunction with colleagues at the Royal Society of Medicine

For more information about future and past conferences, please use the links above.

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