CASE February Newsletter

CASE Medicine Valentines Edition

28th Feb 2017 // Our third ever newsletter is now available to download. We hope this small newsletter will help you to keep track of all the events, research and news surrounding CASE Medicine. Full article>

Royal Society launches primary school science experiments videos

22nd Feb 2017 // At the end of last year, CASE Medicine was invited to participate in filming a segment for the Royal Society new series of videos for the Brian Cox School Experiments. Full article>

KnO₂weldge 9 leads a student on a fantastic journey to ESA

14th Feb 2017 // A simple conference booklet led student Alfred Hill on a journey to the European Space Agency Full article>

CASE January Newsletter

27th Jan 2017 // The CASE January newsletter is now available to download. Full article>

50 Ways To Challenge Yourself As A Scuba Diver

Photo By David B. Fleetham

23rd Jan 2017 // We’ve chosen 10 wrecks, animal encounters, unique dives and training courses from 50 to reignite your passion, choose yours! Full article>

Free Flight Physiology: Paragliding and the Study of Extreme Altitude

Free flight research project

17th Jan 2017 // CASE's own, Matt Wilkes, has just had a Letter to the Editor published in the High Altitude Medicine and Biology Journal!! Full article>

Space Poop Challenge - NASA Announces Winners


1st Mar 2017 // NASA To Pay $30,000 For ‘Space Poop Challenge’ Winner Full article>

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