Dr Daniel Grant

Dr Daniel Grant


  • CASE Medicine, Aerospace Development Director
  • UK Space Environment Agency, Steering Committee
  • Guest Lecturer in Aerospace Medicine, UCL
  • Foundation Doctor, North Central Thames


Daniel works with Muska Khpal and Kevin Fong on the Space side of CASE Medicine. He has been involved in CASE since 2007 when he studied the Extreme Environment Physiology BSc module at UCL. In 2010 was part of the Xtreme Alps Research Team and looked into microcirculation at high altitude. His interest in space has been long-standing and was cemented on his graduate medical degree at UCL. In 2015 he attended the UTMB/NASA short course and was awarded the Shaskan Scholarship.

Outside of medicine Daniel has a firm background in media. He aims to make science accessible to both the public and to professionals. He has presented at UTMB on the engagement of NASA with today’s public audience. He is also the Director of the UK Wallball Association and works in the sports industry to bring healthy exercise and activity to more people, especially those from the more deprived backgrounds.