The fifth annual KnO2wledge conference was held on the 11th and 12 May 2010 in central London.

The two day event focused on results from the Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition 2007 and included lectures from all of the core CXE investigators and many eminent guests from the fields of altitude and hypoxia research.

That year we were extremely proud to be joined by John West who delivered the opening lecture at Kn02wledge V and John Severinghaus who delivered the Plenary Lecture.

Speakers that year included:

  • Jim Milledge: The history of oxygen delivery at altitude
  • Can Ince: The microcirculation at altitude
  • Paolo Ceretelli: The history of exercise physiology at altitude
  • Brian Whipp: Limitations to exercise at altitude
  • Hans Hoppeller: Structural changes in the muscle at altitude
  • Kieran Clarke: Cardiac muscle magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Martin Feelisch: Nitrate, nitrite and performance at altitude
  • Stan Newman: Neurocognitive changes on ascent to altitude
  • Mike Stroud: Weight, body composition and nutrition at altitude
  • Erik Swenson: Pulmonary function at altitude

The conference was also awarded 9 CPD points for attendees of the event.

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