Behavioural and Social Science Research in Extreme and Adventurous Settings

15th Feb 2019

Join the University of Manchester (UoM) and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) on Friday 15 February for a one day conference looking at social and behavioural science in extreme and adventurous settings.

During the one-day event, they will discuss research on factors that can influence safety, performance, and health and wellbeing in challenging and demanding contexts. The content will be relevant in a range of extreme activities, including climbing, mountaineering, caving, long-distance sailing, fieldwork, space exploration, and adventure sports.

The conference will include presentations and discussions across a range of disciplines, from psychology, physiology and sports science to history, anthropology and geography.

Speakers include:

  • History of heroism and bravery in exploration
    Dr Max Jones

  • Psychological resilience and selection of astronauts
    Professor Gro Sandal

  • Coping with stress in high-risk settings
    Professors Marc Jones and Andy McCann

  • Methods for understanding the psychological demands of extreme deployments
    Professor Emma Barrett and Dr Nathan Smith

  • Conflict resolution in isolated and remote environments
    Anders Kjaergaard and Jesper Corneliussen

  • Self care in humanitarian response teams
    Dr Amy Hughes

  • Trauma, adversity and growth
    Dr Laura Blackie

The conference is designed to be relevant for both academic and practitioner audiences. Presentations and workshops will be underpinned by a sound evidence-base but delivered with the end-user in mind.

For more information and to book a ticket for the event, visit the dedicated Event Brite page

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