Dr Muska Khpal

Dr Muska Khpal


  • CASE Development Director
  • Anaesthetic Registrar and Academic Clinical Fellow in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Honorary Lecturer at UCL
  • Resuscitation workshop facilitator for Principia- Astronaut Tim Peak’s Launch Event
  • AMSRO - Scientific Award Committee Member
  • AMSRO- Outstanding Mentorship Award Committee Membe


  • Aerospace Medicine Student & Resident Organization Travel Scholarship


  • NASA Research Rotation at Johnson Space Centre, USA
  • The Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine Course at NASA, USA


Participated in a collaborative research project between NASA (Flight Opportunities Program during a parabolic flight campaign in 2014) and Oxford University. The purpose of the project was to study ‘Tissue Oxygen Monitoring in Reduced Gravity’. I participated as a researcher under the supervision of Dr Thomas Smith (NIHR Academic Lecturer in Anaesthetics at Oxford University).

Conducted a research project in collaboration with NASA, specifically the Human Research Program. The purpose of this project was to design a method to test Crew Medical Officers from medical and non-medical backgrounds, in their ability to manage medical emergencies on long duration spaceflights.


  • Blue RS, Bridge LM, Chough N, Cushman J, Khpal M and Watkins S. Optimizing Training Methods for Exploration Medical Crew. NASA; Johnson Technical Report. TM-2014-217384, pp. 32 (2014).


Muska is an Anaesthetic and ICM trainee at the North Central London School of Anaesthesia. She graduated in Medicine from St George’s University of London in 2010. Muska has a specialist interest in human physiology in extreme environments, which she has pursued by completing several rotations including the NASA Research Rotation and the NASA Aerospace Medicine Short Course. She has presented at UTMB on the subject of ‘Psychiatry in Space’ and has taken part on several research projects as above. She has volunteered as a medical doctor on projects increasing her exposure to extreme human physiology including the London Marathon and Wings Over Houston Air Show. In addition, Muska has also volunteered on medical missions to Afghanistan and Columbia where she provided anaesthetic support and training under supervision and practiced resource limited medicine.